No hidden costs. No high pressure sales. We only recommend what's really necessary. A dentist you can trust.


Does this sounds familiar — You need to see a dentist. Your teeth seem ok, as far as you know. They just haven't been checked and cleaned in awhile. But you're getting worried it's been too long. You're hesitant because it's confusing. You know you need to schedule, but with so many dentists around you're not sure who to see or why you'd choose one over another.

All you really know is you need a dentist you can trust, who won't try to force you into unnecessary expensive treatment.

If the above sounds familiar, it's time to get some peace of mind.


I am a self employed hairstylist, who in 1997 found myself looking for a dentist. My childhood dentist had retired. I saw a new dentist who claimed I had six cavities and needed a root canal. I decided to see Dr. Henny for a “second opinion.” He said that my teeth were fine and no decay was present. As for the root canal, it too was not warranted. My husband, son and daughter are all patients of Dr. Henny. I have referred numerous family, friends and clients to his office. Dr. Henny is honest and professional. He is someone you can truly trust!
— Jo Phillips, Lancaster, PA


What You Get

We want you to have the absolute best care with us. A dental exam and x-rays normally costs $160. With our 50% OFF offer for new patients you'll only pay $80. No hidden costs. To further reduce your risk, if you're not satisfied after the dental exam and x-rays, we'll refund all your money. That’s our Dental Exam & X-Ray Guarantee. In fact, we guarantee all our dental services this way.

Here's what you can expect:

  • The dentist will do everything (not a hygienist or an assistant, which is unheard of these days)
  • Two checkup x-rays (we're not going to recommend additional x-rays unless we believe they're needed)
  • A thorough check for cavities and gum disease (the only way to be thorough is with x-rays)
  • Evaluate your risk for developing oral health problems
  • An oral cancer screening examination
  • We'll tell you everything is ok, or give you possible treatment options
  • Receive a Welcome To Our Office gift
  • And best of all, peace of mind

My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Henny. He has been our dentist over the past twenty years. Ten years ago we moved from Lancaster to York, but we still make the drive for our dental needs. Dr. Henny and his staff are well worth the trip! He is the most knowledgeable, professional, skilled, and gentle dentist we have ever had.
— Pastor Rich and Mrs. Dale Hall, York, PA


Ready To See A Dentist You Can Trust?

Much dentistry in our present day has become corporate and big business, where profit is the bottom line. Quite frankly, many people are possibly being over treated. Conversely, my office is low-volume and highly personalized. As the only dentist you will ever see, I provide all treatment rendered. No procedures are delegated to an assistant. I will always be the one to clean and polish your teeth! Furthermore, you will receive 100% of my attention and expertise regarding all aspects of treatment. My staff and I go to great lengths to treat everyone with compassionate, quality dental care. These aforementioned attributes have been my practice trademark and philosophy for over 25 years.

Matthew T. Henny, D.D.S.

Matthew T. Henny, D.D.S.
Lancaster, PA
(717) 560-9446

Have questions? Email me. I'd love to hear from you.

"Before I schedule, I have a few questions..."

What exactly will you do?
The first thing we'll do is welcome you to our office. Then you'll relax in our new reception area until it's time to see Dr. Henny. We always try to stay on schedule so you don't have to wait. Enjoy our free Wi-Fi.

How long does a dental exam take?
A typical dental exam takes about half an hour, but it'll take an hour if you schedule a cleaning too.

Do you accept insurance?
If you have dental insurance we'll process all claims for you. After payment has been received from the insurance company you'll be responsible for whatever they don't cover.

Do you try to sell expensive treatment plans?
No, absolutely not. In fact, we'd prefer we only saw you once or twice a year for a checkup and cleaning.

Why aren't you trying to sell me anything?
It's simply a matter of right and wrong. We will not violate our ethics, integrity and conscience. We'll only recommend treatment that's truly necessary.

But, I know I have a bigger problem with my teeth, can you help me with that too?
Yes, we provide all aspects of dental care. Call us and we'll talk about it. If you've been seen elsewhere, we offer no-fee second opinions.

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