We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, most major credit cards, and dental insurances.


We accept most dental insurances, but do not participate with dental insurance companies. Allow us to explain the difference.


Dental Insurance

We Accept Most Dental Insurances

We accept most dental insurances by processing all claims for you and will work diligently to maximize reimbursement from your dental insurance company.  We have patients with many different dental insurance companies and plans. After receiving payment from your dental insurance company, you will be responsible for any balance your dental insurance does not cover.

Please talk with Linda (dental office manager).  She can assist you with all dental insurance concerns and questions.



This is important to understand. Participation would require us to deeply discount the care we provide. We do not "participate" (under contract with dental insurance companies) because we are a personalized low-volume office, in which the doctor provides all the care, including cleanings.

We simply will not compromise our integrity, values, and quality of care.

It might actually cost you more to be treated at a "dental insurance participating" Lancaster, PA, dental office. Participation may compel unnecessary treatment in order to compensate for the deep discount. Be wary of anyone advising replacement of all your existing fillings, or saying that you need numerous crowns/caps.

Dental Payment Plans

Can't afford the dental care you need or desire? We offer no-interest dental payment plans. We will work with you to establish affordable monthly payments.

Credit Cards

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card